March 19, 2013

What might have been...

Excuse the quality of these images, but these are pictures of a design concept of a Downtown baseball stadium; conceived just before the construction of P&C Stadium Alliance Bank Stadium NBT Bank Stadium. The framed pictures are hanging up at Mully's in Armory Square if you care to take a gander for yourself.

It's hard not to like this concept and even harder to try to understand why some of the higher-ups at the time would not be all about this. What I like most about this design is how it moves some of the psychological borders of Downtown's space southward and westward. It would have been such a great thing for the city because it could have added some continuity to the surrounding streets, tied Armory Square in with the Near Westside a bit, and gotten some actual use of the West Street artery.

Maybe we'll get a do-over someday and get this right next time. One can only hope.